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Song Info for HInc Live @ NOMUSIC V 15 Apr 2003

HInc Live @ NOMUSIC V 15 Apr 2003 13:25 stream it From Live concerts Released 04/15/03
Heuristics Inc. [& Tapegerm]'s second live event.
A 13:25 minute (slightly edited )live improvised stream of 3 songs,
with each song fading into the next:
Title Start Length
1. Underground Superheroes 0:00 5:05
Uses Tapegerm loops by: Virus Factory, Sin:Ned,
Omnitechnomatrix, and NasCent.
With ER-1 improvisation.
2. Swamp Yodel 5:05 4:54
A "random 10 pack" mix. The entire Tapegerm loop archive
is used as a loop pool, from which 10 random loops are
pulled. The mix must contain all of those sounds in some
audible way. Other sounds may be added.
Uses Tapegerm loops by: Heuristics Inc., CRT, Peeler, David
Alexander McDonald, Jason Danielson, Dub Jay, Arthur Loves
Plastic, TodaV
"Push along popcorn popper", "ripper2" from Tapegerm source?
3. Happiness in Marriage 9:59 3:26
Uses samples of marriage counselor from 1950 film "Are You
Ready for Marriage" provided courtesy of the Prelinger
Archives and archive.org.
Uses one Tapegerm loop by NasCent.
With Virus improvisation.

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