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Happy Machine 2:32 stream it From 3rd Tapegerm album Released 10/30/03
A Tapegerm/Songfight crossover, originally named "Happy Machine Ankle."
A cautionary tale about the dangers of creating artificial beings and giving them "feelings." Mix, lyrics & vocals by Heuristics Inc. Loops by Heuristics Inc., NasCent, DubJay and Virus Factory.
he remembers the day that you got him 
your anthropomorphic servant 

he's a happy machine he exists to serve you you leave him such a mess he thinks he deserves you
he's a happy machine he works all day and night just loving to pick up everything in sight
then one day you left something on the stairs gyros not what they used to be
and you know his navigation's not right and he fell so heavily
he's a broken machine his ankle's been shattered can't work any more his self-worth is scattered
the replacement parts are too expensive he's an old model anyway
so now he sits alone in the closet can't move, he'd just be in the way
now he's a sad machine because of the cost for want of an ankle a whole being was lost
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