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Soft Orange Glow 2:37 stream it From SOG remix album Released 12/23/03
A Songfight entry. My attempt at doing a post-rock sort of sound. In the week I was doing this, I listened to a lot of Fugazi (not that they're usually considered post-rock, but anyway...).
i should have listened to my mother 
my fridge has gone far too long 
now my fruit has become other 
i don't know when it went wrong 
i forgot to eat my fruit 
it went on for weeks and weeks 
now the point's completely moot 
i won't touch it 'cause it reeks 
then today the fridge light went out 
i could still see light in there 
tentacles had begun to sprout 
the fruit had grown glowing hair 
soft orange glow... 
i'm afraid 
i'm afraid of my fruit 
i'm afraid 
i'm afraid it's coming to get me 
when i sleep 
i'm afraid 
i can't sleep 
i'm afraid 
of my fruit 
it's coming to get me 
...soft orange glow 
This song got pretty good reviews, in fact, this marks the first time someone publicly posted on the message boards that they were voting for me. However, two people told me that and I only got one vote... suspicious.

Comments for Soft Orange Glow (song id 257):

craig : Wed Jan 7 11:54:51 2004 (weblink)
this song is great.  i love the blasts from the guitar, and the lyrics are so ridiculous.

i voted for you, i swear.

johnny cashpoint : Wed Feb 2 07:46:48 2005 (no weblink given)
Well, so did I.  So one of us is lying, craig, and I'm pretty sure it's not me :)

PS Bill - 'Chaos Vs Order' has disappeared from the DB&theIPs page ...


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