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Song Info for Starfinger's More Than Soup (Borscht Mix)

Starfinger's More Than Soup (Borscht Mix) 2:32 stream it From Picking Up the Pieces - HInc Remixes Released 01/08/04
The first HInc release of 2004! My remix of a track by Starfinger called "More Than Soup." The original track appeared as a SongFight entry and won the fight that week! My remix is named in honor of some excellent borscht I had over the New Years' vacation.

Comments for Starfinger's More Than Soup (Borscht Mix) (song id 260):

UCSF : Sat Jan 10 03:54:05 2004 (weblink)
Awesome remix of an awesome track.

Chris : Sat Jan 10 09:34:27 2004 (no weblink given)
This is wild & funky!!!!!! Dig It!!!!

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