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Nonsense 2:11 stream it From Outtakes Released 01/18/04
An "unreleased" Tapegerm track from August 2003. Uses loops by Kahman, Omnitechnomatrix, Arthur Loves Plastic, DubJay, KlaoDNA, and Scott Carr. Voice samples provided by Otis Fodder. Mix by Heuristics Inc.

Comments for Nonsense (song id 264):

craig : Mon Jan 19 11:19:46 2004 (weblink)
this doesn't sound familiar at all.. have i heard it before?  anyway, i love it!

Scott Carr : Mon Jan 19 21:40:22 2004 (weblink)
I think the voice samples came from Otis Fodder. Nice track.

Heuristics Inc. : Tue Jan 20 13:50:24 2004 (weblink)
Thanks Scott, I think you're right.
I updated the song info on my site and on soundclick.  Glad you guys liked it.

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