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Song Info for Brad Sucks' Dropping Out of School (HInc Algeber Mix)

Brad Sucks' Dropping Out of School (HInc Algeber Mix) 3:13 stream it From Picking Up the Pieces - HInc Remixes Released 01/24/04
My remix of Brad Sucks' excellent "Dropping Out of School." Created using a tandem of AudioMulch and Acid.

Comments for Brad Sucks' Dropping Out of School (HInc Algeber Mix) (song id 265):

Scott Carr : Mon Jan 26 00:51:43 2004 (weblink)
Nice. Is that Audio Mulch doing the gapper type effect on the vocals? Mix sounds well balanced overall.

bill : Mon Jan 26 01:32:06 2004 (weblink)
Yeah, the whole intro section, including the gapper effect, is from Mulch.  Oh, I should mention that I based that effect on a "demo" 
mulch document by brokengadget called the "loopshuffler" that incorporates randomness into the sounds.  Cool demo.

Heuristics Inc. : Mon Feb 2 12:02:10 2004 (weblink)
Ok, I decided to change the name of the remix a little bit, to "Algeber Mix" in dubious "honor" of a seemingly racist talk-radio host 
I heard once on AM radio.  Enjoy!

jermainetaylor : Fri Apr 2 08:36:01 2004 (no weblink given)

HeuristicsInc : Fri Apr 2 11:05:18 2004 (weblink)
jermaine: Did you mean to say something?  Or is my posting script broken?

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