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Senzeni Na 5:47 stream it From Improv Album #2 Released 01/28/04
"What have we done?" The title comes from the Japanese (correction: Xhosa, see below). I encountered it in reading the "Mars" books by Kim Stanley Robinson, which are excellent. This is a looped improv, where I set the JamMan to a very long delay so that a longer loop of sound will gradually fade off as new sounds are added to it. It was recorded late at night on 28 January 2004.

Comments for Senzeni Na (song id 266):

Chris Tanis : Fri Jan 30 13:13:29 2004 (no weblink given)
Love the new song!  I think my fave sound is that deep tuba-like sound.  

I generally don't have the patience (or rather Lily doens't have the patience) for longer songs, but this one is really 
interesting all the way through.

Thanks for the listen!  

By the way, Dr. Kong Balong sent me.


mystified : Fri Jan 30 15:12:20 2004 (weblink)
Very cool! Reminds me a bit of Vangelis. Nice work!


Heuristics Inc. : Fri Jan 30 15:57:46 2004 (weblink)
Thanks for the comments!
Glad to see the good Dr is influencing people :)
One of the things that I really liked about that synth sound is that it's very dynamic in the range of the keyboard... 
by that I mean that everything you hear in that song were created by exactly the same sound on the synth... but the sound is 
very lively and so it sounds different on different keys.  Cool, eh?
So Lily liked it?  Did she dance? :)

Michelle : Sat Jan 31 12:41:40 2004 (no weblink given)
I don't know about Japanese, but it does sound Martian to me!  Play this around me sometime and I'll point out the parts I really like.  :) - M

pam : Thu Feb 12 02:56:07 2004 (no weblink given)
It's not Japanese, it's Xhosa -- a South African language. Senzeni Na, "what have we done", was an anti-apartheid song, 
a lament... there's a documentary about the struggle songs called Amandla, you can hear it there.

Heuristics Inc. : Thu Feb 12 10:35:04 2004 (weblink)
Hey, I think you're right.  The book had a group of Japanese settlers that named the place, so I think I
just assumed it was Japanese because it kind of sounds like it.  But I guess they were using a reference
from a different language.  Thanks for the info.  Interesting note is that I have an album by Miles
Davis called "Amandla" that must be referencing the same thing.

craig : Fri Apr 27 10:53:51 2007 (weblink)
The magical workings of the web have brought me back here after a long time.  I gotta say, this is my favorite kind of music by you.  I'd like to see more returns to your improv roots!!  This song is awesome.

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