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What the hell are you doing?! 3:21 stream it From Vocal tracks Released 03/29/04
This song is from a SongSkirmish, which is a sort of mini-SongFight. A title, "What the hell are you doing?!", was announced at 7PM and we had one hour to write, perform, record, and master a song with that title. There was also a restriction that the song had to include an acoustic instrument, not including guitar or vocal. I wasn't sure if I was going to take part in it or not, but the restriction inspired me to record an ambient improvisation on the trumpet, running it through effects. After that I decided to put some vocals over it and hand it in. It was a lot of fun, although my lyrics are somewhat minimal:
What the hell are you doing? 
I swear I didn't do it. 
I got one vote out of 10 votes cast. Not bad! See the other Skirmish entries here.

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