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TRASHWAGON! 2:08 stream it From 3rd Tapegerm album Released 04/01/04
A song created for a sidefight at SongFight. NationwideClyde is filming an independent documentary about Miles Fox, who is a Subaru enthusiast. He calls his cars Trashwagons and he inspired me to write this song for the documentary:
he's driving 
        all over town 
spot welding 
        when the parts fall down 
he's modding 
        his broken subaru 
off roading 
        in the mud and goo 

his first cost a hundred bucks this car tows just like a truck even though it's not so pretty he knows it's the best car in the city
Thanks to Craig for his help with mixing and mastering this tune!

Comments for TRASHWAGON! (song id 274):

Miles Fox : Tue Dec 14 16:20:57 2004 (weblink)
hell no! they made a song out of me. will this be in the movie?

catch this fox!

Heuristics Inc. : Tue Dec 14 16:35:07 2004 (weblink)
Hey Miles!
I don't know if the movie's going to happen or not... I haven't heard anything about it in a long time.  Perhaps you know better than me whether it was filmed.
As for where I heard about the trashwagons, I heard it from the guy who calls himself Nationwide Clyde who posted about you on SongFight.
If you send me a mail through the web form, I can't reply except through these posts unless you give an email address...
Hope you can hear the song soon!

MF'sSpoogevixen : Fri Dec 17 20:52:06 2004 (no weblink given)
This is nuts.  Fox, this is just crazy.  Funny but crazy.  And you have already been caught.  ;)

milesfox : Sat Dec 18 13:22:35 2004 (no weblink given)
[email protected]
there is my email on top. yeah the movie was filmed, i was there. interestingly enough we got arrested when we got home. the final chapter is currently being held as evidence. hopefully tim can get the last 3 tapes back since the matter has been dismissed in court.

Tim Hansen : Sun Apr 24 02:24:13 2005 (weblink)
I can't believe it.  Fox is up here helping me finish the movie and HE heard about this before I did.  Man, I don't know, I've been asleep at the switch lately.  The movie is getting done, though, hopefully within a month or two.  I like the piece here actually.  Maybe we'll find a spot for it, at the very least over the credits or something.  Thanks, guys!

-Tim Hansen

Stephfeece : Fri Aug 19 13:36:18 2005 (no weblink given)
Holla- it's Stephfeece, your spokeswomen for the Subaru Alliance. I like your new song Fox.  Try this one: 
I've got a lovely bunch of Suabru's. D Da Le D D There they are sitting in a row; Bum, Bum, Bum. Trashwagon, WRX, and STI, too. Get in the car, come ride with me, drive off the road in a Soob- SUBARU!!!

milesfox : Sat Aug 20 08:30:54 2005 (weblink)

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