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ambientlive 2k4mk2 (all tracks) 48:43 stream it From Live concerts Released 06/09/04
This is a live internet stream of my ambientlive 2k4 material from the Richmond show. I redid the set because some people were unable to go to the actual show, and I also wanted a recording of the material from it, since the original recording didn't come out. Also, the technical problems I had in the live setting did not happen in this stream, which is excellent. The order of tracks from this version is not the same as the original. I was kind of improvising track orders based on what I felt like playing at the time. The intro goes on a bit long, because I started it going and then waited for 9:00 to roll around before starting. I will trim off about a minute of the loop from the beginning. Here are the track titles:
0:00  -  7:20		....Living in the Basement 
7:20  - 12:00		On the Maginot Line 
12:00 - 15:04		anemone (HInc ambient mix) 
15:04 - 21:12		Nemo's Descent into the Dreamworld (quiet version) 
21:12 - 26:30		Bremsstrahlung 
26:30 - 29:55		woundtracks 
29:55 - 35:49		Soft Orange Glow (HInc Copper Waves remix) 
35:49 - 37:17		alkyo 
37:17 - 43:14		OneSided (compressed version) 
43:14 - 48:43		Angel Falls (quiet version) 
This concert will be put out on CD one way or another in the near future. Keep an eye out on the site for updates!

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