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Goodbye Monster 4:01 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/06/04
Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints is a collaboration between Johnny Cashpoint and Heuristics Inc. "Goodbye Monster" features vocals and music by J$, arrangement and some music by HInc, and vocals by the Goodbye Monster (played by HInc).
"Honey, there's someone I want you to meet..." 

Monster -"Going down!"
Say hello to the Goodbye Monster Cupid's older brother, official split-up sponsor The Patron Saint of relationships gone sour I'm his favourite client, he charges me By the hour
Say Hello to the Goodbye Monster
Furry little fellah, judging my attractions And I wonder how he gets job satisfaction We're on first name terms, he's a self-inflicted curse He's moving into my house While things go from Bad to worse
Say Hello to the Goodbye Monster
Another break-up in the midst of going down Right there on my shoulder, he's your disapproving frown Yet another ending to yet another false start I opened up my mouth - Should've have opened Up my heart
Say Hello to the Goodbye Monster
Monster - Don't worry, Buddy - just go have another beer She wasn't the one, there's always next year There'll be another soul-mate right around the corner And if there ain't, well, don't say I didn't warn ya!
Firing off a salvo of poisoned arrows Words I didn't really mean cut straight through your marrow And I loved you so, but I could not stop the hurt The goodbye monster shrugs, At least I'm keeping Him in work
Say hello to the Goodbye Monster
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