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Upcoming Downtime 2:23 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 03/08/04
Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints is a collaboration between Johnny Cashpoint and Heuristics Inc. "Upcoming Downtime" features loops by the Virus Factory from their Free Loops page. It also features the vocals and music of J$, and the arrangement was done by HInc.
Departure board roulette 
Flight delayed a dozenth time 
I'm stuck in standby mode 
Tethered by invisible line 

I got to get to you right now Skies are overcast Time is running out on us The light is fading fast
CHORUS Upcoming downtime The future starts to fray Upcoming downtime Rescue's too far away
Need to get to you and soon You jump-start my heart Sky is growing dark and cold Inch by inch I fall apart
The skyline flickers off, then on A strange, pulsating sound The air is stale, it smells like death My world is shutting down
CHORUS Upcoming downtime The air is getting thin Upcoming downtime But then you come in Then everything starts to get better
This was a SongFight entry. It got only one vote for Best Song.

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