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Berchtesgaden 4:50 stream it From HInc 2nd Remixes album Released 10/31/04
This is a "showcase mix" made for John Ingram of Intelligent Machinery Productions. It uses loops from his brand-new ambient loop CD, Drone Structures. Check out the CD - the loops are great and the price is right. The track was composed using AudioMulch, then I recorded an ER-1 improv along with it. The title refers to the events near the end of World War II, described in "Band of Brothers." The American soldiers come to a town in the German Alps, where Hitler had a teahouse for diplomats on top of a mountain. This beautiful view provides the backdrop for Easy Company's vantage point on the Allies' final victory over the Germans. It's amazing. Today it's a tourist destination - if it's not winter you can go up and see the Eagle's Nest.

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