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Dark All Day 2:26 stream it From 3rd Tapegerm album Released 01/13/05
An industrial song about the KT Event, which theoretically killed the dinosaurs. Mix, bass, and vocals by Heuristics Inc. Loops by Omnitechnomatrix, Sin:Ned, and Kiamond High.
65 million b c 
end of the cretaceous 
carbonaceous chondrite 
strikes the earth 

KT Event meteor comes down a wall of fire ripples outward consuming the earth
chorus: since the meteor it's been dark all day no sun any more the sky is ash and grey
plants, cease photosynthesis for lack of plants triceratops hadrosaur titanosaur die out
for lack of these oviraptor velociraptor tyrannosaurus die out
the last one falls leaving only mammals

Comments for Dark All Day (song id 340):

craig : Thu Jan 13 13:12:05 2005 (weblink)
i love the skinny puppy vibe. but i feel like their should be more distinct sections of the music..

i like how the guitar comes in for the chorus, but maybe more drum variety or other sounds would make it stand out more.

actually a different mix might accomplish what I'm talking about by emphasizing different parts of the musical backdrop throughout the song.

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