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Song Info for Chaos vs. Order

Chaos vs. Order 3:25 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/10/05
Words & Music by Heuristics Inc. & Johnny Cashpoint
Vocals, piano, synth, drums - j$ Guitar, synth, drums - Hinc
Mixed & engineered by Hinc
Catherine Order's from New York, she moved to Akron from divorce 
With kid in tow and OCDs for all her cop eventualities 
Matt Chaos brings out her nervous stammer, he's whiskey, mug shots in the slammer 
His stubble has stubble, but the crooks are in trouble, 
Now they're seeing double, Akron's TV couple 

1st CHORUS Chaos & Order never agree Except when giving out third degrees She does it by the book, he does it by TV They always screen and book 'em, will love get a look in?
Hey TV execs, have I got a show for you!
On the streets the stakes are steep, it's murder in the Nielson Sweeps, Their sniffer dog has got a cold, their jive street snitch is far too old Think cheesy gags will make it better, spell it out in giant letters Theme tune is a winner, watch out if you're a sinner, But you can still watch them while you're eating your dinner
Good Cop Bad cop x4
2nd CHORUS: Law Enforcement's oddest couple Antics sure to get a chuckle Wise-cracking word to the wise, but the Emmy is the ultimate prize
REPEAT 1st and 2nd CHORUS
This was a SongFight entry, and got a record number (for me) 8 votes!

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