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Tapegerm 24 Hour Flu Set 2 28:45 stream it From Live concerts Released 07/15/05
Heuristics Inc's second half-hour set from Tapegerm's 24 Hour Flu event on 9 July 2005. Track 1 was another brand new track made from loops uploaded the day of the event, and this one was improvised on the spot with very little advance preparation.
"If McClellan is not using the army, I should like to borrow it for a while."
00:00 - 15:39 
   Loops by Cystem, International Garbageman 
can i change
15:39 - 19:07 
Be Careful (24 Hour Flu Remix)
19:07 - 22:39 
Mr. Underhill, I presume?
22:39 - 28:45 
   Loops by Q-Cut 

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Björn Eriksson : Wed Jul 27 23:19:39 2005 (weblink)
Nice sets! Just downloaded both and are now listening on the first. It is very interesting to listen on the sets some weeks later. Very nice, indeed. The section that starts about 12.30 on set 1 is awesome! Rock on!


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