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Rattle 3:47 stream it From 3rd Tapegerm album Released 09/20/05
Tapegerm/SongFight song. Loops from Mental Anguish Open Loops. Moog solo from Don Campau Open Loops. Lyrics, vocals, and mix by Heuristics Inc.
i was born from a great mind 
in seventeen fifty four 
drawn, my motto underlined 
"join, or die" i implored 

i was called back to service in seventeen sixty five divided we'd be nervous united we'd stay alive
no taxation without representation
[chorus:] i warn, i shake my rattle as i enter into battle with the sons of liberty our war cry: "don't tread on me"
nemo me impune lacesset *
*: "No one will provoke me with impunity."

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