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In Bed 3:50 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/08/06
A SongFight entry. Lyrical concept by HInc, lyrics by J$ & HInc, music & vocals by J$, percussion by HInc. This is a somewhat reworked version, with an extended intro, and some mix/master changes.
I lie beneath the rock and stone, 
Embossed in fossil bed 
Trapped, suspended animation, 
Sleeping, never dead 

Sixty million years I've waited, lying in my bed Hunger never waning, waiting to be fed ...
Waiting for fresh air, emerge When fingers unearth stone Human flesh reborn, combined with Ancient vulture bone
I lie in bed, wet eyes are staring, at the ceiling fan Dreaming I am flying, spreading forty foot wingspan
Quetzalcoatlus is calling A voice you can't resist
A voice calls out Across the desert plain Making sure that Thunderbird flies again

This song got 8 votes & came in 4th out of 10 entries.

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