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Fight the Sea 2:36 stream it From Vocal tracks Released 04/27/04
A SongFight song that I somehow missed posting. Features drums provided by blue and a sea bass solo by Starfinger, since the optional challenge for the week was to have guest artists.
a grain of sand 
lost to the tide 
out from the land 
to the ocean side 

bit by bit the crashing surf creates a split erodes the turf
in a deeper place it now resides and people race to stop the slide
chorus: it's humanity against the sea erosion the old enemy
the surf has teeth it's ravenous waves from beneath cut under us it never ends it always wants more we try to defend the beach and shore can't stop its attack groins and sea walls, pumping the sand back fail to storm and squalls the beach is destroyed the houses fall in so humans avoid and the ocean wins
[chorus] [sea bass solo] [chorus]
This song only got one vote in the fight.

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