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The Price is Right 1:32 stream it From Outtakes Released 02/08/06
This song was recorded for a SongSkirmish, which is like a SongFight except that the entire song is written, recorded, and uploaded within an hour. For this track I decided to try a rap, which may or may not be a good idea. Before posting the song on the site I did a little post-processing (i.e. vocal compression, master, etc.) so this version is not exactly what was entered into the competition. This song got no votes, which is about what I expected :)

Comments for The Price is Right (song id 386):

Kara Laidlaw : Mon Nov 27 19:04:36 2006 (no weblink given)
Great song, bill! Hilarious lyrics!! Very, very
clever rhyming. *I* would've voted for it, although,
yeah, maybe the original version wasn't as good,
hee hee. ;^) You wrote that in an HOUR!?! That's darned impressive!

peace, the mizzzzzzzz

Heuristics Inc. : Mon Nov 27 19:22:31 2006 (weblink)
Yeah, an hour.  I totally ran out of time, too!  My wife helped out with the words on this one... The original wasn't /that/ far off from this ;)
thanks :)

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