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Pencil Me In 2:37 stream it From Vocal tracks Released 03/15/06
The first round from Nur Ein, the multi-round songmaking challenge. We had 5 days to write and record the song each week, and if we were not eliminated by a tallying of the judges' scores we would do it all again the next week. This week had a non-optional challenge to include handclaps, so I used both real handclaps and fake ones.
no longer drawn 
trapped in stasis - we are 
paralyzed, not quite gone 

schedule got no time perpetual - oblivion for me and my kind
chorus: if you can find the motivation capture your imagination in your act of creation i find manifestation
i lie dormant in the back of your mind in comic torment - waiting for you to pencil me in
old sketches found by a bright young man i am unbound in the lines drawn by another's hand

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