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Sleeper 4:17 stream it From 4th Tapegerm album Released 03/22/06
The third round from Nur Ein, the multi-round songmaking challenge. We had 5 days to write and record the song each week, and if we were not eliminated by a tallying of the judges' scores we would do it all again the next week. This week had a non-optional challenge to NOT RHYME, which was pretty difficult. I decided to write a song about Rip Van Winkle, despite never having read the story itself. This song uses loops by SOME TAPEGERM PEOPLE that I need to verify. It also uses samples from "Sleep for Health" (1950) supplied by the Internet Moving Images Archive (at archive.org) in association with Prelinger Archives.
"In sleep, the muscles of the body are relaxed. It's the most perfect way to relax that we have." 

"Our breathing is slower and deeper when we sleep. The body's temperature is lower. Even the heart beats more slowly. The whole body is resting."
rip van winkle went to sleep one day didn't wake up for 20 years i think he was a bit late
"To rest all our muscles, we turn in our sleep. Some people turn often, others not so often. But we all do it. It's a normal part of sound, healthy sleep."
did he love the kaaterskill? why did he oversleep? did he forget his alarm underneath his tree?
"Dreams are normal too. Often they're suggested by the things around us while we sleep."
was he rested when he woke? did he recognize the world? he missed the revolution but did he miss his wife?

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