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El Balazo 0:59 stream it From 4th Tapegerm album Released 03/29/06
The third round from Nur Ein, the multi-round songmaking challenge. We had 5 days to write and record the song each week, and if we were not eliminated by a tallying of the judges' scores we would do it all again the next week. This week had a non-optional challenge to include "opposite sex vocals," so this was the first song done as a duet with Siena. This song uses percussion loops by Omnitechnomatrix. Not wanting to write a song about a Mexican restaurant, we re-imagined El Balazo ("the shot" in Spanish) as a superhero name and created the theme song for his imaginary TV show. Unfortunately with this song HInc was eliminated from the Nur Ein.
El Balazo! 
El Balazo! 

He's a mariachi marksman Dressed all in sharkskin
El Balazo! Off like a shot El Balazo! First on the spot
El Balazo! Mi héroe! (my hero!) El Balazo! Que hombre! (what a man!)
El Balazo! Muy guapo! (very handsome!) El Balazo! El filantropo! (the philanthropist!)
El Balazo! Saves the day El Balazo! Crime doesn't pay
El Balazo! Ole!

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