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If I Were Italian 3:01 stream it From HInc/Siena Released 04/14/06
A SongFight title. Since we have been studying Italian, Siena (my wife) and I couldn't resist trying the title. Unfortunately my voice isn't really up to this sort of "romantic" style singing so I'm not pleased with my vocals. Siena sang the Italian parts, which is pretty impressive.
I knew it was love at first sight 
The first time that I saw 
A picture of this girl 
But there was one small flaw 

She's half a world away Living in Italy Our friend would introduce us If it weren't for this split in geography
[American chorus:] If I were Italian We would live much nearer If I were italian My future would be clearer
I could write her an email But i don't speak her language Babelfish could translate it But all I'd get is gibberish
[Italian:] Voglio parlare questa lingua [I want to speak this language] La potrei imparare? [Would I be able to learn it?] Ma la mia lingua e' bella [But my language is beautiful] Gli diro' di amore [I will tell him about love]
[Italian chorus:] Se fossi americana [If I were American] Potrei parlare inglese [I would be able to speak English] Se fossi americana [If I were American] Avremmo un paese [We would have one country]
Il mare e' cosi' largo [The ocean is so wide] Un aereo e' troppo caro [A plane is too expensive] Le mie idee, sono pazze [My ideas, they're crazy] Ho solo questa foto! [I only have this photo!]
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