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One Two (Sudoku) 1:00 stream it From 4th Tapegerm album Released 04/23/06
A SongFight sidefight in which every song was supposed to be as close as possible to one minute long. Since I am a Sudoku fan I decided to do a song about the game. This song uses a drum loop by Omnitechnomatrix.
you want to do 
sudoku (x2) 

[chorus] three by three of three by three nine by nine in every line and every square put numbers there write in there please one each of these:
one 1 one 2 one 3 one 4 one 5 one 6 one 7 one 8 one 9
one 2 one 2 one 2 not two 2's
one 2 one 2 one 2 not three 2's
one 2 one 2 one 2 not four 2's
one 2 one 2 one 2!
I plan to make a longer version of this song eventually.

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