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Song Info for A Midsummer Night's Germination - Live Set 2

A Midsummer Night's Germination - Live Set 2 24:55 stream it From Live concerts Released 06/17/06
A Tapegerm event that took place on 17 June 2006. Most of the songs were created on the day of the event, from brand new loops uploaded by the participants. I performed two live sets incorporating a lot of improvisation.
1. 0:00 - 10:26		Sunrise 3:29am  
	Uses loops by International Garbageman. 
2. 10:26 - 19:20	lightpile 
	Uses loops by Code Mango, Mental Anguish, (vocals by) Giuseppe 
	Bancomatti, and CYSTEM. 
3. 19:20 - 24:00	Soft Orange Glow (Copper Waves Mix) 
	* All sounds Heuristics Inc. 
4. 24:00 - 24:44	Terminus 
	* All sounds Heuristics Inc. 

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