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Control Yourself 2:20 stream it From 4th Tapegerm album Released 09/15/06
A SongFight entry. This song is listed as having no votes, but one person said they'd voted for me. It's also a Tapegerm song. It uses loops from D. Howse Open Loops, Insecta Sonic Open Loops, melodywhore, and Omnitechnomatrix. Vocoder carrier by Mental Anguish. Lyrics:
Control remote control yourself 
Control remote control yourself 

You don't need to move your legs Just push around these little pegs Motors whir and gears engage Control yourself, it's all the rage
It's heaven sent for lazy slobs Remote control to do your jobs Like Rodin statue, sit and think Control your eyes, don't have to blink
Now this remote is complex tool So use it right don't be a fool Before you start to program them You've got to go RTFM!

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