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Uncertainty 1:38 stream it From A Flash in the Pan (Album-A-Day #2) Released 06/17/07
This is the second song written for my second Album-A-Day. I had originally intended to use this music for a Songfight entry, but it didn't work out. So I recorded a totally different set of lyrics to it. They were all based on the line "a flash in the pan or a splash in the can", a phrase which jumped into my head while working on Got Your Number but obviously did not fit there.
Shrouded in uncertainty 
We don't know what the future will be 
Take, for example, this Album-A-Day 
I might finish or stop halfway 

Shrouded in uncertainty We never know what a life will be A flash in the pan Or a splash in the can You just gotta try it and then you'll see

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