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Full 4:19 stream it From A Flash in the Pan (Album-A-Day #2) Released 06/17/07
This is the first song written for my second Album-A-Day, but it appears third on the final album. I decided to record the first song, to warm myself up to the AAD, as an improvisation.

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Jim Tyrrell : Mon Jun 18 17:44:32 2007 (weblink)
Shannon (3) and I just checked this track out. He liked it quite a bit! So did I. Kudos for making a tune that held a 3-year old in place for four minutes. That is a sure sign of an interesting piece of music. We'll listen to the rest of the AAD after dinner. :)

Jim Tyrrell
5:44pm, 6/18/07

Heuristics Inc. : Mon Jun 18 23:37:13 2007 (weblink)
Awesome, I'm glad to hear that I still have shares in that lucrative 3-year-old market!

PS I really gotta put that newline-adding routine into the code for posting comments :)

craig : Wed Aug 15 12:05:10 2007 (weblink)
hey!  this song is neat.  you have a broken link in your comment (an extraneous double-quote)

Heuristics Inc. : Wed Aug 15 12:17:50 2007 (weblink)
Hey, thanks, and I fixed the wonky links on all the AAD tracks (except one, that was correct to start with).  That's what I get for cutting-and-pasting!

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