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Convalescence 3:04 stream it From Atonal Coil Bros. collection Released 01/25/07
My first collaboration with Wages, for the fight here. This song also features bass from Billy's Little Trip. I recorded the synth pads. Everything else is Wages. The bandname is an anagram.
A D 
with every note that I been wailin' 
A G E 
every word you hear me sayin' 
every unnecessary feelin' 
I'm tellin'... 
you're not gettin'.. 
the meanin' of ... 

CHORUS D-Bm-A convalescence how is your time spent? convalescence I don't know where my healin' went
VERSE 2 you think I'm livin' in a day dream your thoughts just make me want to scream all these places where I have been I'm not concerned... I'll keep it earnest... in a place with...
VERSE 3 Well its up to me whether to love you I could even try to make do and I wonder how it'll look to you it'll take some time... I'll have to rhyme... I just need...

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