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Calico Alley 2:43 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 08/20/08
This was written for a SongFight. J$ and I were separately working on different songs for this fight, but after a couple of days we decided to combine our efforts instead and we came up with this ghost-reggae song about... something.
j$ - reggae guitar, bass, vox
HInc - synths, drums, ambient guitar, spoken word vox
I have seen the ghosts of Calico Alley 
Thought I must be sleeping, dreaming 
When those shadows started screaming 
Every one with a sad tale to tell 

I have talked with ghosts in Calico Alley Told me life was only fleeting But it sure still takes some beating Baby I have learnt my lesson well
[chorus:] I will never go back to Calico Alley 'Til my whole life is behind me I will never go back there again
Who will cry for ghosts of Calico Alley? Vengeful, craving resolution So much anger and confusion Their salvation's always out of reach
I have seen the ghosts of Calico Alley They don't scare me any longer What disgusts me makes me stronger They are lost and that's just fine by me
(spoken) Don't waste time on ghosts from Calico Alley Don't look back while we're still breathing They're too much like us, it's time we're leaving! There but by the grace of God go I

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