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Remainders 2:46 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/12/09
Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints' newest entry into SUK, a Songfight-like competition (although we get a month to do songs instead of a week!). Words & music by Johnny Cashpoint & Heuristics Inc
j$ - vocals, ukelele, synth Heuristics Inc - Drums, synths
(It's a song about cloning)
We are the remainders, reminders of what lies behind us 
We are the reminders, remainders of life's constant changes 
Elemental sediment, next stage isn't Heaven-sent 
Supra-natural selection, we're the cure to your infection 

We are the remainders, reminders of life's brutal kindness We are the reminders, remainders, odds and ends of strangers Life has turned divisory and parental advisory You're plantations for the new wave, permutation factory slaves
Dead ends, diversions, new improved versions Cloned from your gene stew, we have replaced you
We are the remainders, reminders how our past defines us We are the reminders, remainders of a past that shames us Darwin's children at your breast sucked you dry, you're second best We are the cure for your disease, deface you to save the species
We won the competition! Yeah!

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