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Shock Value 3:51 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 10/09/07
An older entry into SUK. Multiple meanings of shock made this one a fun writing exercise.

Words & music: Johnny Cashpoint & Heuristics Inc
Vocals, bass, keys & ukelele: j$
Keys, drums & samples: Bill
High school's nearly out and so it's time for senior prom 
No girls I've asked will go except for hunchbacks and my mom 
In my parents attic with a needle and a thread 
And busy sewing up the body parts of recent dead 

Now the storm's approaching, claps of thunder, moment nears It's cost me much in many ways, this hideous idea. Worthless nights no more my bride will love me for all time 'Cos after all I stole her heart - so now she can steal mine!
CHORUS: I know the value of shock, Time that I made a big splash But I'm left watching the clock, I'm waiting for that vital flash (shock value)
Wait and see their jaws drop as we stroll across the gym Those big dumb jocks will be so shocked to see us lumber in Red corsage still-beating heart from her dear Fronkensteen As we slow dance to 'Monster Mash', the un-dead King & Queen
Lightning crashing overhead, rain coming down like spears Snatch up every cable, jam them in her cross stitched ears Draining all the sockets just to let her drink her fill If she opens up her eyes, forget electric bill!
Shazam! A flicker on her face - I'm in a state of shock. Is she alive? I look again and realise no, she's not. Smell of all this burning meat is going to my head The attic's catching fire and she must stay, belonging dead.

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