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Song Info for Still Waiting

Still Waiting 3:13 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 01/01/08
A song that Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints recorded for the Purpletapes project, where the idea was to record a bunch of songs that had the same titles as the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as... you get the idea. Also recently featured in the first DBTI live show.

Words & music: Johnny Cashpoint & Heuristics Inc
Vocals, piano, organ & guitar (& drums?): j$
Faux theremin, drums & samples: Bill
I woke up and looked out of my window 
Looking for the future Fifties promised 
Lonely vigil, like an Army widow 
Not so modern age, I'm just a tourist 

I'm still waiting for my robot butler friend Serving daily meals in a handy pill form I'm still waiting for my super flying car Starting to wonder if I have been misinformed
Which way to the Jetsons? I got baco-foil and balsa. Give me space-directions, I will build a flying saucer, Build a flying saucer for you.
Read the paper, Pluto's been downgraded Bit by bit they've made the future feeble Science fact has killed science creative And replaced them with all these pod people
I'm still waiting for my shiny Teflon suit. Where is ESP? When will the aliens arrive? I'm still waiting for my super flying car - Looking up above I'm only seeing empty skies
Which way to the Jetsons? I am starting to give in now. Built a cardboard jetpack - should I jump out of the window, Jump out of the window to you?

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