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Boron Rod 2:11 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/12/11
From FAWM 2011. I had the drums (cf. Boron Prime) and words, but my attempts at synths weren't working out. My friend Johnny Cashpoint came to the rescue and added his vocals and other sounds. It's a new Songfight title from Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints!
Rod's stories were long, without any point 
He never smoked or drank or toked any joint 
He said he was a salesman of tuxedos 
Instead of Paris, he'd go to Toledo 

Chorus 1: We called him Boron Rod He was so normal it was very odd Oh Boron Rod
There was a 21-gun salute when he died The President was there and eulogized Turns out he was a spy, killed on a mission Took all that to get him any recognition
Chorus 2: We never knew he had a secret All those years he never leaked it
He was actually really cool We never knew it

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