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Sue 2:51 stream it From Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints Released 02/26/11
My collaborator @johnnycashpoint recorded these instrumental tracks a few years ago for us to put words to. I finally got around to doing it. I wrote these lyrics in response to one of the FAWM Twitter challenges: 10. Write a love song to a zombie, vampire or other creepy crawlie. Lyrics:
All the guys are watching you 
But they don't feel the way I do 
I want an older bride 
No one else is qualified 

c: Oh Sue I'm in love with you (x2)
v2 Sign tells me 'do not touch' But I don't think you'd mind that much Maybe I could hug your hip And if you lean I'll kiss your lips
v3 I love to see your smile Toothy grin, like a crocodile Models are very thin But I like you best, you've got no skin

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