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Chiama Dylan Dog 1:11 stream it From Vocal tracks Released 02/14/12
This is a song for FAWM 2012. @johnnycashpoint challenged me for the reciprocal challenge to write a song that only used one note and was about Dylan Dog, an Italian comic book character. I'd never heard of this character, but I know some Italian, so I figured this was a good avenue to doing another song in a foreign language. Dylan and Dog both start with D, so that was the obvious choice for the note (not entirely sure I coerced the synth into only using D, but I did my best). I sort of naturally fell into attempting to satisfy three challenges at once!
Se un licantropo mangia tua madre... 
Chiama Dylan Dog! 
Se tuo marito diventa uno zombi e prova a mangiare la tua gamba... 
Chiama Dylan Dog! 
Nessun caso e' troppo strano 
per Dylan Dog! 
L'indagatore dell'incubo! 

(If a werewolf eats your mom... call Dylan Dog! If your husband becomes a zombie and tries to eat your leg... call Dylan Dog! No case is too strange for Dylan Dog! Nightmare Investigator!)

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